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Portobello Organic Pizza

Portobello Organic Pizza

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 Italian, Pizza

  207-209 Portobello Road, London, W11 1LU

 Operation Day : Friday

Closed : Opens at 12:00 PM (2019-02-22 07:20:36)

Please note: We only deliver within a 2 mile radius



Prosecco £21.00
1 Bottle


Gluten free pizza available for £2.00 extra

Margherita Pizza £11.50
Mozzarella cheese, fresh basil & tomato sauce
Vegetariana Pizza £12.50
Mozzarella cheese, asparagus, fresh broccoli, cherry tomatoes & olives
Mushroom Pizza £12.50
Chestnut mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese & truffle oil
Bufalina Pizza £13.00
Cherry tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil (Please note that this pizza has no tomato sauce)
Goat’s Cheese Pizza £13.50
Mozzarella cheese, goats cheese, roasted peppers, fresh spinach & walnut oil
Hawaiana Pizza £14.00
Buffalo mozzarella, prosciutto cotto & fresh pineapple
Four Cheese Pizza £14.00
Mozzarella, parmesan, ricotta & gorgonzola (please note that this pizza has no tomato sauce)
Salsiccia Pizza £15.50
Mozzarella cheese, spicy sausage & chilli
Chilli Beef Pizza £15.50
Mozzarella cheese, red chillies, beef & fresh onions
Chicken Pizza £16.50
Mozzarella cheese, chicken, red peppers, sweet corn & fresh oregano
Tuna Pizza £15.50
Mozzarella cheese, tuna, capers, anchovies, red onion & fresh tomato
Popeye Pizza £15.50
Mozzarella cheese, spinach, eggs & olives
Capricciosa Pizza £15.50
Mozzarella cheese, ham, mushroom, artichokes kalamata olives & oregano
Special Pizza £16.50
Mozzarella cheese, parma ham & fresh rocket
Portobello Full House Pizza £16.50
Mozzarella cheese, parma ham, spicy sausage, mushroom, onion, green pepper & tomato sauce

Pasta E Riso

Trofie Pesto £12.00
Trofie pasta pesto, chicken, mushroom & cream
Spaghettoni Frutti Di Mare £13.00
Cherry tomato, mussel, claims, calamari & prawns
Spaghetti Bolognese £12.00
Homemade bolognese sauce, mince beef, tomato & spaghetti
Spaghetti Carbonara £12.00
Spaghetti, bacon with cream & egg yoke
Penne Amatriciana £12.00
Penne, tomato sauce, bacon, chilli & onion
Penne Arrabbiata £12.00
Penne, tomato sauce with garlic, fresh chilli, extra virgin olive oil
Tagliatelle Gamberi Zucchine £13.00
Prawn, courgettes & cherry tomato
Ravioloni Di Magro £12.00
Spinach ricotta ravioli with cheese & tomato sauce
Ravioloni Carne £13.00
Meat ravioli & tomato sauce
Risotto Frutti Di Mare £13.00
Seafood & risotto
Risotto Funghi Porcini £12.00
Wild boletos mushroom risotto

Meat & Fish

Fish & Chips £14.50
Battered fresh haddock, served with homemade tartar sauce & garden green peas
Beef Burger £12.50
Beef burger, onion, tomato, (cheese) served with homemade chips
Beef Fillet £18.00
With mustard sauce or mushroom sauce or gorgonzola sauce with homemade chips
Sirloin Steak £21.00
Sirloin steak of beef with homemade chips
Milanese Di Pollo £14.50
Chicken milanese with homemade chips
Costolette D’Agnello £16.50
Lamb chops with mash potato
Filetto Di Orata Alle Erbe £16.00
Sea bream fish with herbs, mix fried veg
Grill Salmon £15.00
Grill salmon with quinoa


Cozze Marinara £8.00
Mussels, garlic, spices chilli with touch tomato sauce
Aranchini £6.00
Stuffed rice balls deep fried with veg, mozzarella cheese
Calamari Fritti £8.00
Squid deep fried
Carpaccio Di Manzo £8.00
Thin sliced beef meat with parmesan slices & rocket
Melanzane Parmigiana £8.00
Aubergine parmigiana
Tagliere Portobello £13.00
Parma ham, cuppa, tomato, buffalo mozzarella, rocket, salami, mortadella
Selezione Formaggi £7.50
Cheese selection board
Basket of Breads with Mix Olives £4.50
Tomato Pizza Bread with Homemade Pesto £5.00
Garlic Bread £5.00


Chicken Salad £9.00
Salad, celery, chicken breast with Harry’s bar sauce
Caprese Salad £7.50
Tomato, buffalo mozzarella & rocket
Country Salad
Salad leaves with goat’s cheese, fresh grapes, cucumber & homemade mustard dressing
Large £11.00
Small £7.00
Homemade Bruschetta Salad £6.00
Cherry tomatoes, roasted peppers fresh basil & parmesan cheese
Sicilian Salad £7.00
Celery roots, avocado, tomato concuss, onion, basil leaf, lemon & olive oil
Market Salad £6.00
Six leaves market salad with toasted pumpkin seeds & a homemade mustard dressing
Portobello Salad £9.00
Mixed leaves, roasted vegetable, goats cheese & mustard sauce


Mashed Potatoes £4.50
Homemade Chips £4.00
Served with a homemade ketchup sauce
Quinoa with Lemon, Peppers & Fresh Parsley £5.00
With olive oil
Steamed Vegetable £5.50
Ask staff for today veg
Mix Grilled Vegetable £6.00


Tiramisu £6.00
Soft sponge base with a layer of mascarpone cream
Panna Cotta £6.00
Traditional Italian dessert made with strawberry sauce
Sticky Toffee Pudding £6.50
Served with vanilla bean ice cream
Apple Crumble £6.50
Sweet warm apples & golden crumb topping served with vanilla ice cream
Chocolate Fondant Cake £5.00
Chocolate sponge & a delicious chocolate cream
New York Cheesecake £5.00
Flavoured with a hint of vanilla sitting on a sponge base
Ice Cream
Chocolate £4.50
Lemon Sorbet £4.50
Strawberry £4.50
Vanilla £4.50


Coca-Cola £2.50
Diet Coca-Cola £2.50
Still Water
Large £3.50
Small £2.00
Sparkling Water
Large £3.50
Small £2.00
Cool Ginger Beer (Organic) £4.00
Devon Apple Juice (Organic) £4.00
Sicilian Lemonade (Organic) £4.00
St Clements Sparkling Orange (Organic) £4.00


Peroni £4.00
Stella £4.00
Budweiser £4.00
Becks £4.00

House Red Wines

Montepulciano D’Abruzzo £15.50
1 Bottle
Chianti £16.50
1 Bottle
Merlot Black Label £18.50
1 Bottle
Nero D’Avola £20.50
1 Bottle
Primitivo Salento £21.50
1 Bottle

House White Wines

Trebbiano D’Abruzzo £15.50
1 Bottle
Chardonnay £16.50
1 Bottle
Pinot Grigio Black Label £20.50
1 Bottle
Soave £21.50
1 Bottle

Red Wine

Cabernet Barrica £24.00
1 Bottle
Chianti Riserva £23.00
1 Bottle

White Wine

Lugana Montefluno £24.00
1 Bottle
Sauvignon Blanc £23.00
1 Bottle

Rose Wine

Bardoline Chiaretto Classico £16.50
1 Bottle
Pinot Grigio Blush £17.50
1 Bottle

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