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 Lal Bagh

Lal Bagh

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 Curry, Halal, Indian

 374 upper Richmond road, SW14 7JU

 Operation Day : Wednesday

Closed : Opens at 5:00 PM (2019-01-23 03:55:10)

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Our dishes contain nuts and dairy products. If you suffer from an allergy, then kindly inform us when your ordering your meal


Some of the most popular offerings from this restaurant

Prawn Puree £3.10
Chicken Tikka £3.25
Chicken Tikka Masala £6.50
Cooked with our special masala sauce with fresh cream & a touch of almond & coconut milk
Chicken Madras £5.50
Fairly Hot
Chicken Korma £5.95


Amritsari Fish £2.95
Fish fillets with Ajwani & Chatt masala
Chcken Pakora £2.95
Chicken Tikka £3.25
Sheek Kebab £3.25
Lamb Tikka £3.25
Chotpoti £2.75
Chickpeas with tamarind & chotpoti spices
Onion Bhaji £2.25
Chilli Fish Bhaji £2.95
Paneer Pakora £2.75
Prawn Puree £3.10
Meat Samosa £2.15
Vegetable Samosa £2.10
Garlic King Prawn £4.50
King Prawn Puree £4.50

Tandoori & Kebab

All tandoori dishes are marinated in our own special tandoori sauce & then barbecued in a charcoal fired clay oven. Served with fresh salad

Chicken Tikka £5.95
Lamb Tikka £5.95
Sheek Kebab £5.95
Tandoori Chicken £5.95
Half (2 pieces)
Haryali Chicken Tikka £5.95
Diced chicken mixed with green herbs & cooked in clay oven
Chicken Shashlick £5.95
Lamb Shashlick £5.95
Paneer Shashlick £4.95
Tandoori King Prawn £10.95
Tandoori Mixed Grill £9.50
Haryali Paneer Tikka £4.95

House Specialities

Murgh Zafarani £6.95
Chicken cooked in cashew nut, saffron & yogurt Medium
Chicken Xacuti £6.95
A combination of aromatic spices in tamarind paste Hot
Lamb Xacuti £6.95
Chicken Akbori £6.95
Chicken cooked with green chutney & pistachio
Chicken Badami £6.95
Cooked with peanut, almond, green chutney & cashew nut
Lamb Badami £7.50
Vegetable Badami £5.25
Sarsay Machh £6.95
Fish cooked in medium hot spices with ground mustard seeds
Achari Gosht £6.95
Lamb cooked with homemade pickle spices Medium
Chicken Tikka Monchure £6.95
Chicken cooked with spring onions, green chillies & chicken stock Hot
Chicken Haryali Kebab £6.95
Green chicken kebab with tamarind paste & fresh green puree Medium
Peshwari Chicken £6.95
Cooked with onion, capsicum & special peshwari sauce Medium
Prawn Malai Curry £6.50
Flavoured with curry leaves, coconut milk, green chillies & garam masala Medium
King Prawn Malai Curry £8.95
Chicken £7.95
Cooked with special homemade sauce with fresh cream & ground nuts Mild
Lamb £7.95
Chicken Pasanda £6.95
Chicken marinated in mild spices & cooked in delicious mild sauce Mild
Lamb Pasanda £7.10
Nawabi Lamb £6.95
Rolled lamb with fresh herbs & served in a sizzling souk Medium
Garlic Chicken £6.95
Cooked with our special homemade garlic sauce & medium hot spices Medium
Garlic Lamb £7.50
Garlic King Prawn £8.95

Masala Dishes

Chicken Tikka Masala £6.50
Cooked with our special masala sauce with fresh cream & a touch of almond & coconut milk
Tandoori Chicken Masala £6.50
Lamb Tikka Masala £6.75
Tandoori King Prawn Masala £9.95
Vegetable Masala £5.50
Haryali Chicken Masala £6.50
Green chicken kebab cooked with haryali sauce & spinach Mild
Palok Chicken Masala £6.50
Chicken kebab cooked with masala sauce & spinach Mild



Chicken Curry £5.50
Lamb Curry £5.50
Prawn Curry £5.50
King Prawn Curry £8.50

Madras Dishes

Fairly hot OR very hot

Chicken Madras
Fairly Hot £5.50
Very Hot £5.50
Lamb Madras
Fairly Hot £5.50
Very Hot £5.50
Prawn Madras
Fairly Hot £5.50
Very Hot £5.50
King Prawn Madras
Fairly Hot £8.75
Very Hot £8.75

Vindaloo Dishes

Fairly hot OR very hot

Chicken Vindaloo
Fairly Hot £5.50
Very Hot £5.50
Lamb Vindaloo
Fairly Hot £5.50
Very Hot £5.50
Prawn Vindaloo
Fairly Hot £5.50
Very Hot £5.50
King Prawn Vindaloo
Fairly Hot £8.75
Very Hot £8.75

Korma Dishes

Cooked with mild sauce of coconut, ground almonds & fresh cream Mild

Chicken Korma £5.95
Lamb Korma £5.95
Prawn Korma £5.95
King Prawn Korma £8.95

Malaya Dishes

Cooked with pineapple in a mild sauce Mild

Chicken Malaya £5.95
Lamb Malaya £5.95
Prawn Malaya £5.95
King Prawn Malaya £8.95

Methi Dishes

Nice aromatic curry cooked with fenugreek leaves Medium

Chicken Methi £5.95
Lamb Methi £5.95

Saag Dishes

Very popular dish cooked with spinach Medium Hot

Chicken Saag £5.95
Lamb Saag £5.95
Prawn Saag £5.95
King Prawn Saag £8.95

Dupiaza Dishes

These dish is seasoned with ground spices & then cooked with onions & capsicum Medium Hot

Chicken Dupiaza £5.95
Lamb Dupiaza £5.95

Rogan Josh Dishes

Thick sauce curry garnished with delicious fried tomato Medium

Chicken Rogan £5.95
Lamb Rogan £5.95
King Prawn Rogan £8.95

Balti Dishes

Tangy dish cooked with our special balti sauce Medium

Chicken Balti £5.95
Lamb Balti £5.95
Prawn Balti £5.95
King Prawn Balti £8.95

Karahi Dishes

Cooked in exotic spices, green peppers, tomatoes & onions. Served in a traditional iron souk Medium Hot

Chicken Karahi £5.95
Lamb Karahi £5.95
Prawn Karahi £5.95
King Prawn Karahi £8.95

Jalfrezi Dishes

Cooked in our special sauce with onions, capsicum & green chillies Fairly Hot

Chicken Jalfrezi £6.75
Lamb Jalfrezi £6.75
King Prawn Jalfrezi £8.95

Rezala Dishes

Cooked in lightly tangy sauce with green chillies Fairly Hot

Chicken Rezala £5.95
Lamb Rezala £5.95

Bhuna Dishes

A very popular curry with tomato, onion & ground spices Medium

Chicken Bhuna £5.50
Lamb Bhuna £5.50
Prawn Bhuna £5.50
King Prawn Bhuna £8.50

Dansak Dishes

A Persian dish cooked with a mixture of different lentils Hot, sweet & sour

Chicken £5.95
Lamb £5.95
King Prawn Dansak £8.95

Pathia Dishes

A Persian dish cooked with onions, tomato & green herbs Hot, sweet & sour

Chicken £5.95
Lamb £5.95
Prawn Pathia £5.95

Chilli Masala

Cooked ith green chillies, onions & capsisum Fairly Hot

Chicken Chilli Masala £5.95
Lamb Chilli Masala £5.95
Prawn Chilli Masala £5.95
King Prawn Chilli Masala £8.95

Biryani Dishes

Cooked with Basmati rice served with vegetable curry Medium

Chicken Biryani £7.95
Lamb Biryani £7.95
Prawn Biryani £7.95
King Prawn Biryani £9.95
Tandoori Chicken Biryani £7.95
Vegetable Biryani £5.95


Bombay Aloo £3.00
Dry & medium spiced Medium
Sag Aloo £3.00
Potato with spinach Medium
Sag Bhaji £3.00
Spinach cooked with onions & garlic Medium
Bindi Bhaji £3.00
Okra cooked with onions, garlic & spice Medium
Brinjal Bhaji £3.00
Aubergines with onions & garlic Medium
Spinach OR green peas cooked with Indian cheese & spices Medium
Mator £3.00
Spinach OR green peas cooked with Indian cheese & spices Medium
Sag £3.00
Cauliflower Bhaji £3.00
Aloo Gobi £3.00
Potato with cauliflower Medium
Tarka Dall £3.00
Mixed lentils with garlic Medium
Mushroom Bhaji £3.00
Chana Masala £3.00
Chick peas with chaat masala Medium
Zeera Aloo £3.00
Potatoes tossed with cumin seeds Medium


Boiled Rice £2.00
Pilau Rice £2.25
With saffron
Fried Rice £2.75
With scrambled egg, peas & mild spices
Lemon Rice £2.50
Mushroom Rice £2.50
Vegetable Rice £2.50
Peas Rice £2.50


Naan £1.95
Keema Naan £2.30
Stuffed with minced meat
Garlic Naan £2.30
Stuffed with naan
Peshwari Naan £2.30
Stuffed with almonds, coconut & sultana
Tandoori Roti £1.85
Paratha £1.85
Pan fried bread
Stuffed Paratha £2.30
Stuffed with vegetables
Chapathi £1.00
Thin layer bread
Puree £1.00
Deep fried bread


Masala £0.60
Plain £0.60
Cucumber £1.20
Yogurt with Onion £1.20
Sundries (Per Person)
Chutneys £0.60
Pickles £0.60

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