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 Domo 94 in Camden

Domo 94 in Camden

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 Italian, Pizza

  94 Camden Road, Camden London , NW1 9EA

 Operation Day : Friday

Closed : Opens at 12:30 PM (2019-02-22 07:00:34)

20% discount on orders over £30


soup of the day £5.00
meat balls bruschetta £6.00
beef meat balls ,tomato sauce served with bruschetta
bruschette (served x 2) £6.00
red peppers, olives, capers, mushroom, pecorino cheese and parma ham
caprese £6.50
buffalo mozzarella, slices tomato, basil
trio of italian salami £8.00
(trio of italian salami, parma ham,bresaola, salami)
parmigiana £8.00
fried aubergines,tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil
polpo con patate £8.50
octopus, salad made with potatoes, carrots and celery
fritto misto £8.50
fried courgettes, king prawns, squid and mayonnaise
cestino di parmigiano £9.50
parmesan basket fillet with burrate, king prawn and sundried tomatoes
antipasto del contadono (served x 2) £12.00
buffalo mozzarella, parma ham, pecorino cheese and red onion mustard
tagliere domo (served x2) £22.00
parma ham, bresaole, napoli salami, parmesan, parmigiane, buffalo mozzarella, grilled mix vegetables, gnocchi fritti, fried polente with meatballs and marinated mushrooms on the top


marinara pizza £6.00
tomato sauce, garlic, oregano, basil,parsly, olive oil
margherita £7.00
tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil, olive oil
napoli pizza £7.50
tomato sauce,mozzarella, capers, anchovies, basil, olive oil
paperino pizza £8.90
tomato sauce, mozzarella,fried potatoes
spicy salami pizza £8.90
tomato sauce, mozzarella, spicy italian salami, basil, olive oil
capricciosa pizza £11.00
tomato sauce,mozzarella,ham,mushroom, artichokes,olives,basil,olive oil
primavera pizza £11.50
tomato sauce,mozzarella,parma ham,rocket salad,parmesan shavings,basil,olive oil
rustica pizza £11.50
tomato sauce, eggs, bacon,scamorza cheese, mozzarella, basil ,olive oil
tropea onion pizza £11.50
tomato sauce , tuna, onion tropea, mozzarella, basil , oregano , olive oil
tuna and tropea onion pizza £11.50
tomato sauce , tuna, onion tropea, mozzarella, basil , oregano , olive oil
vegetable pizza £12.00
tomato sauce,mozzarella,sliced cherry tomatoes,courgette,aubergines,peppers,basil
bufalina pizza £12.00
tomato sauce,buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomato,basil ,olive oil
chicken peppers pizza £12.00
tomato sauce, chicken, peppers, mozzarella, capers,basil, olive oil
montanara pizza £14.00
tomato sauce,buffalo mozzarella, mushrooms,italian sausage,basil olive oil
fish pizza £18.00
tomato sauce, mozzarella, garlic persley, white wine, mussel, clams, prawns, squid, basil, olive oil
rosmarino focaccia pizza £5.60
no tomato/ white, rosemary, salt, olive oil
4 cheeses pizza £10.00
pachino pizza £11.00
(no tomato/white,mozzarella,bresaola salami,sliced cherry tomato,olive,basil)
bosco pizza £13.00
(no tomato/white, mozzarella, mushrooms, potatoes, italian sausages, rosemary,olive oil)
gamberi & zucchine pizza £14.00
(no tomato/white, mozzarella, prawns, courgettes, alive oil)
tartufo pizza £18.00
tomato, white, mozzarella, porcini, mushroom, potatoes, truffie, rosemary, truffle oil, grated bread
classic calzone pizza £11.00
(pizza wrap with mozzarella,ham,tomato sauce, basil, olive oil)
vegetable calzone pizza £12.00
(pizza wrap with aubergines, courgettes, peppers,cherry tomato,mozzarella,olive oil)
caprese pizza £13.00
fresh tomato, buffalo mozzarella, oregano, salt, olive oil, basil
campagnole pizza £16.00
rocket salad, parme ham, pecorino shaving, truffle oil and honey
breseoline pizza £15.00
rocket salad, bresaola salami, philodelphio cheese and fresh tomato

Pasta Dishes

tagliatelle bolognese £10.00
(slow cooked minced beef,with tomato sauce)
tagliatelle carbonara £10.00
(pancetta, eggs, shallot, black pepper white wine and parmesan)
maltagliati genovese £14.00
maltagliati,slow cooked strips of beef onion and barolo wine
ravioli zuccati £15.00
ravioli filled with ricotte cheese and pumpkin served with mix mushroom and ameretto bisquits
scialatielli affumicati £11.00
fried aubergine, tomato sauce, basil and cherry tomato
togliatelle salmon e male £13.00
smoked salmon, apple and double cream
scialatielli cozze, vongole e zucchine £14.00
fresh mussels and clams, courgettes cream
rice, pumpkings and parmesan cheese
risotto zuccato £10.00
rice, king prawn, parsley, parmesan cheese
risotto asparagi e gamberoni £14.00
rice, mussels, clams, king prawns, cuttle fish and cherry tomato
risotto mare £15.00

Meat Dishes

pollo ripieno £13.00
chicken brest filled with spinach, fontina cheese served with red peppers, capers and olives
stinco d'agnello £18.00
roast lamb shank served with mash potatoes and juice with sultans and zobov
filetto tartufato £24.00
beef fillet served with cheese fondue and truffle


spigole £16.00
sea bass served with asparogus, new potatoes, fresh tomato, mint and basil
guazzetto di pesce £18.00
mussels, clams, cuttle fish, king prawns, sea bass, tomato, sauce, garlic, parsly, cherry tomato, chilly and served with toasted bread


risotto zuccato £10.00
rice, pumpkings and parmesan cheese
risotto asparagi e gamberoni £14.00
rice, king prawns, parsley, parmesan cheese
risotto mare £15.00
rice, mussels, clams, king prawn, cuttle fish and cherry tomato

Side Dishes

new potatoes £3.60
butter sauteed spinach £3.60
oven roasted potatoes £3.60
chips £3.60
mixed salad £3.60
green salad £3.60
rocket and parmesan salad £4.60
butter asparagus and peas £4.60
grilled mixed vegetables £5.06
aubergines, courgettes and peppers


nutella cheese cake £5.50
tiramisu' £6.00
tris di panne cotta £7.00
a selection of three panne cotte with different toppings
cheese platter £7.00
a selection of italian cheeses served with onion mustard, honey and bisquits
pizza nutella £9.00
pizza nutella fruit £14.00


still £2.00
sparkling £2.00
still £3.00
sparkling £3.00
can of soft drink
coke £2.50
diet coke £2.50
fanta £2.50
sprite £2.50
pellegrino orange £2.50
pellegrino lemonade £2.50
benedetto lemon £2.50
benedetto peach £2.50


bread basket £3.60
marinated italian olives from sicily £3.60
bruschetta £3.60
bread, tomato, basil, oregano,olive oil
fried polenta £4.60
fried polenta,spicy tomato sauce
rosmarino focaccia £5.60
no tomato/white ,rosemary, salt, olive oil
garlic focaccia £5.60
focaccia bread,oregano, salt, garlic, olive oil
arancini £5.60
rice balls stuffed with peas and tomato sauce served with spicy tomato sauce
panzerotto £5.60
fried little (calzone) filled with ham and mozzarella
panzerotto vegetarian £5.60
fried little (calzone) filled with ricotta cheese and basil

Alcoholic Drinks

sparkling wine and champagne
prosecco dogarina £25.00
champagne grand reserve cru pierre mignon £64.00
champagne grand reserve brut beaumont £64.00
champagne grand reserve moet chandon £78.00
white wines
bottle of riva bianco delle venezie veneto £16.00
bottle of telero cantele £18.00
bottle of insolia normanno £18.00
bottle of sauvignon doc £22.00
bottle of pinot grigio £22.00
We cannot serve or deliver alcoholic beverages to persons under 18 years of age.
bottle of chardonnay £22.00
bottle of pinot grigio £22.00
bottle of chardonnay £22.00
bottle of carta d'oro catarrato sicily organic £22.00
bottle of gavi £28.00
bottle of falanghina £28.00
bottle of roero igp, monforte £38.00
bottle of pecorino tiberio £42.00
rose' wines
bottle of pinot grigio rose £18.00
bottle of negramaro rose cantele £25.00
red wines
bottle of rive red igt delle venezie £16.00
bottle of nero d'avole normanno £18.00
bottle of merlot £18.00
bottle of cabernet £18.00
bottle negramaro cantele £22.00
bottle principe nero d'avola igt organic £22.00
montepulciano d'abruzza doc £23.00
primitive 2013 cantele puglia £26.00
chianti docg £28.00
dolcetto d'alba £32.00
barbere d'alba £36.00
amarone valpolicella mabis £86.00
barolo fenocchio piemonte italy £68.00
brunello di montalcino pelogrilli £86.00
peroni £3.50
moretti £3.50
13 guns american ipa £4.00
brooklyn layer ipa £4.50
brewdog punk ipa £4.50

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