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Masala 910

Masala 910

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 910 Eastern Avenue, IG2 7HZ

 Operation Day : Friday

Closed : Opens at 11:00 AM (2019-02-22 07:00:09)

Vegetarian Starters

Samosa £2.00
Onion Bhaji £2.50
Chana Puri £3.75
Chilli Pakora £3.95
Large long chilli mixed with gramflour & spices, fried in oil
Chana Chaat £3.20
Chickpeas mixed with tomato, cucumber & onion
Aloo Chaat £3.20
Potato chunks mixed with onion, cucumber & tomato
Aloo Papadi Chaat £3.75
Mixed papadi, potato, tomato & onion
Punjabi Pakora £3.50
Onion, cauliflower, spinach & gramflour
Gol Guppa (Pani Puri) £4.95
Served with masala 910 sauce
Gol Guppa Chaat £4.95
Filled with masala 910 sauce
Vegetable Kebab £3.95
Spring Roll £2.00
Garlic Mogo Chips £3.95
Fried mogo cooked with garlic sauce
Chilli Mogo Chips £4.50
Fried mogo chips cooked with green peppers, onions & green chilli
Chef Mixed Platter £7.50
Samosa, aloo vada, onion bhaji, paneer tikka & spring roll
Chilli Mushroom £4.95
Button mushroom cooked with green chilli & 910 spices
Paneer Tikka £5.95
Paneer Tandoori £5.95
Chilli Paneer £5.95
Paneer Pakora £4.95
Fresh paneer mixed & marinated masala 910 spices & gramflour
Paneer Shashlik £7.95
Paneer mixed with masala 910 spices, cooked in tandoori with onions & peppers
Toffo Pakoras £4.95
Fried with mixed of 910 spices
Chilli Toffo £5.95
Toffo cooked with capsicum & green chilli


Meat Samosa £2.50
Minced lamb filled in pastry
Masala 910 Chicken Special £6.95
Juicy Chicken Tikka £6.95
Jeera Chicken £6.95
On the Bone Chicken wings marinated with cumin seeds & masala 910 spices
Tandoori Chicken £5.95
Chicken Shashlik Starter £7.95
Grilled chicken pieces marinated in a special spice
Chicken Puri £4.95
Tikka flavour chicken pieces served on fried bread
Chicken Chaat £5.95
Chicken pieces cooked in our masala tangy taste
Chicken Pakora £5.95
6 Pieces Breast of chicken mixed with our special spices & gramflour
Garlic Chicken Pakora £5.95
6 Pieces Chicken breast pieces cooked in 910 spices
Tandoori Lamb Chops £7.50
Lamb chops marinated with our special spices cooked in tandoor
Lamb Tikka Starter £7.50
Fillet lamb marinated in 910 sauce
Seekh Kebab Starter £5.95
4 Pieces Mince meat marinated in masala 910 spices
Kebab A Mokandpuri £6.95
A hand boiled egg coated with spicy mince meat mixed with our special 910 spices
Masala 910 Lamb £6.95
Lamb cooked in masala 910 sauce, sweet & sour
Chapli Kebab £5.95
Mince lamb marinated in masala 910 spices
Tandoori King Prawns £9.95
Best king prawns marinated in masala 910 spices
Garlic Chilli King Prawn £9.95
King prawns cooked with garlic & chilli Hot
Masala 910 King Prawns £9.95
King prawns marinated in masala 910 green paste Hot
Prawn Puri £5.95
Prawns cooked in masala 910 tangy sauce, served with fried bread
King Prawn Butterfly £8.75
Fish Mokandpuri £6.95
2 Steaks of fish marinated in 910 spices & grilled
Tandoori Fish £7.25
Whole fish marinated in our special spices & cooked in tandoor
Fish Tikka £7.95
Pieces of fish marinated in masala 910 spices & cooked in tandoor
Fish Pakora £5.95
Pieces of fish marinated in our masala 910 spices
Garlic Chilli Fish £6.95
Pieces of fish marinated in 910 sauce cooked with garlic & green pepper Hot
Chefs Mixed Grill £9.95
Chicken tikka, lamb chops, tandoori chicken & seekh kebab

Main Courses

Chicken Curry £5.50
Chicken Korma £5.95
Breast chicken pieces cooked in cream & almond sweet taste
Chicken Bhuna £5.95
Saag Chicken £5.95
Chicken pieces cooked in spinach & masala 910 spices
Chicken Dansak £5.95
Chicken breast cooked in lentils & masala 910 spices
Chicken Keema Masala £6.95
Mince chicken cooked in masala 910 spices
Egg Masala £4.95
Boiled eggs cooked in our masala 910 spices
Egg Bhaji £4.95
Scrambled eggs cooked with onion & 910 spices
Chicken Kofta £6.95
Chicken balls cooked with masala 910 spices
Lamb Keema Masala £6.95
Mince meat cooked with masala 910 spices
Lamb Keema Mutter £5.95
Mince lamb balls cooked in masala 910 spices & green peas
Lamb Kofta £6.95
Mince meat balls cooked in masala 910 spices
Lamb Curry £5.95
Pieces of lamb cooked in the traditional way
Lamb Rogan Gosht £5.95
Lamb cooked in masala 910 sauce, garnished with tomato gravy sauce
Lamb Bhuna £5.95
A medium spicy dish Medium
Saag Gosht £5.95
Lamb cooked with spinach & 910 spices

Chicken Dishes

Mughlai Chicken Patiala £6.95
Chicken cooked with mild creamy sauce, nuts & our 910 spices Mild
Chicken Tikka Masala Amritsari £6.95
Tikka flavoured chicken cooked with nuts, cream & 910 spices Mild
Chilli Chicken Delhi £6.95
Chicken pieces cooked with peppers & green chilli, hot taste, very spicy Hot
Karahi Chicken Jalandari £6.95
Original Punjabi chicken dish
Karahi Methi Chicken Ludhiana £7.50
Cooked with fresh fenugreek leaves & our 910 spices
Chicken Tikka Jalfrezi Ambala £7.50
Tikka flavour chicken breast cooked in out unique masala 910 spices
Butter Chicken Jaipur £7.95
On the Bone Tandoori Flavour Chicken cooked in creamy & nutty sauce with 910 spices

Lamb Dishes

Muglai Lamb Patiala £6.95
Lamb cooked in mild & creamy sauce with our 910 spices & nuts Mild
Karahi Lamb Jalandari £6.95
Cooked the Punjabi way in our 910 sauce with capsicums spring onion
Karahi Methi Lamb £7.95
Original Punjabi dish cooked with fresh fenugreek leaves
Lamb Pasanda Nariad £6.95
Lamb cooked in red wine with our 910 spices & cream

Fish & Prawn Dishes

Tandoori King Prawn Masala Shimla £9.95
King prawn marinated in our 910 spices cooked in a tandoori & mixed with specially prepared sauces
King Prawn Lakhnau £9.95
King prawns cooked in sweet & sour sauce
Chilli King Prawn £9.95
Hot & spicy dish in a thick sauce Hot
Fish Masala £7.50
Succulent pieces of fish marinated in 910 spices, fried cooked in masala 910 sauce
Fish Jalfrezi £7.50
Cooked with onion capsicum & our 910 spices
Karahi Prawn £7.95
Cooked in a thick sauce & our 910 spices, cooked traditional way
Prawn Curry £5.95
Prawns cooked in masala 910 sauce
Karahi King Prawns Punjabi £9.95
King prawns cooked the Punjabi way

House Specials

Karahi Lamb Chops £7.95
Lamb chops grilled in a tandoor cooked with 910 spices
Murga Mokandpuri
Mokandpuri dishes are cooked with various spices, served with naan OR pilau rice
Pilau Rice £10.95
Plain Naan £10.95
Murga Hindustani £8.50
Chicken pieces cooked with honey mustard & 910 spices, sweet & sour
Lamb Mokandpuri £9.50
Cooked the same way as chicken & served

Chef`s Specials

Murga Punjabi £7.95
Chef's specially prepared chicken
Lamb Punjabi £7.95
Chef's specially prepared lamb
Murga Sharabi £8.95
Chicken prepared & cooked with whiskey
Lamb Sharabi £8.95
Tender lamb marinated with whiskey & 910 spices
Dehi Wala Murga £7.95
Chicken marinated & cooked in yoghurt
Malaidar Murga £7.95
Chicken marinated with cream & our 910 spices
Dehi Wala Lamb £7.95
Lamb marinated & cooked in yoghurt
Jeera Vegetables £6.95
Mixed vegetable paneer cooked with cumin seeds in our 910 sauces
Jeera Aloo £5.95
Potatoes cooked with cumin seeds & our 910 seeds & herbs
Jeera Paneer £6.95
Paneer cooked with cumin seeds & our 910 masala
Makki De Sabjee £5.95
Corns cooked & prepared in 910 spices

Vegetarian Dishes

Baingan Da Bharta £4.95
Aubergine grilled in a tandoor with 910 spices, garlic, ginger & onion
Bharey Hua Baingan £4.95
Baby aubergine marinated in 910 spices & cooked on a slow heat
Bharey Hua Karelae £4.95
Punjabi delicasy with a bitter taste & stuffed with masala 910 spices
Karela Lahori £4.95
Rings of karela fried & cooked in masala 910 sauce
Sarson Da Saag £4.95
Traditional Punjabi dish, mustard leaves cooked & mixed with cornflour, garlic & ginger
Masala Wala Bhindi £4.95
Lady fingers marinated with our 910 spices & cooked on a slow heat
Gobi De Sabjee £3.95
Cauliflower & potatoes cooked in a traditional way
Mirch Mokandpuri £5.95
Whole capsicum stuffed with paneer & 910 spices
Bharey Hua Tinday £4.95
A real exotic Puinjabi dish, stuffed with masala 910 spices & slowly cooked
Methi De Bhaji £4.95
Fenugreek leaves & potatoes cooked with 910 spices
Chilli Mushroom £4.95
Mushrooms cooked with green chilli & green peppers with 910 sauces
Vegetable Kofta £5.95
Various vegetables mixed in 910 spices, balls fried & cooked in 910 sauce
Punjabi Kaddi £5.95
Made from yoghurt, cooked with pakora, original Punjabi dish

Special Dishes

Karahi Paneer Jalandari £6.95
Puri paneer made bu us cooked in a karahi with 910 spices
Paneer Tikka Masala Tikka £5.95
Flavoured paneer cooked with nuts & cream
Shahi Paneer £6.95
Mince paneer cooked with cream & nuts with 910 sauces
Paneer Punjabi £6.95
Chunks of paneer cooked with 910 spices with tomato & peppers
Saag Paneer £5.50
Fresh paneer cooked with spices & spinach
Mutter Paneer £5.50
Fresh paneer cooked with 910 spices
Soya Keema £4.95
Masala soya mince cooked in our 910 spices
Chana Masala £4.95
Karahi Soya £6.95
Soya chunks cooked with spring onion, capsicum & 910 spices
Karahi Toffo (Bean Curd) £6.95
Bean curd cooked in 910 sauces
Toffo Keema £6.95
Mince toffo cooked with onion, peppers & 910 curry sauce
Shahi Toffo £6.95
MInce toffo (bean curd) cooked with cream & nuts

Side Dishes

Saag Aloo £3.95
Spinach & potatoes cooked with 910 spices
Mushroom Sabjee £3.95
Button mushroom cooked with 910 spices
Rali Mili Sabjee £3.95
Mixed vegetable cooked in 910 spices
Aloo Masaley De Sabjee £3.95
Potatoes cooked with 910 spices

Daal Dishes

Sabte Mahan De Daal £3.95
Whole urid cooked slowly
Rali Mili Daal £3.95
Five different lentils cooked with 910 spices
Rajmahan & Aloo £4.95
Red kidney beans cooked with 910 spices
Maha Di Daal Jalfrezi £4.95
Mixed Daal Jalfrezi £4.95

Biryani Dishes

Vegetable Biryani £7.95
Vegetables & paneer cooked & served with vegi sauce
Paneer Tikka Biryani £8.95
Paneer tikka cooked with spices, served with vegetable sauce
Prawn Biryani £7.95
Prawns cooked with spices, served with sauce
King Prawn Biryani £10.95
King prawns cooked in masala 910
Chicken Biryani £8.95
Chicken pieces cooked with rice & spices, served with sauce
Lamb Biryani £8.95
Lamb pieces cooked & mixed with rice, served with sauce
Chicken Tikka Biryani £9.90
Chicken tikka cooked in a tandoor, mixed with rice & spices, served with sauce
Lamb Tikka Biryani £9.95
Same way like chicken
King Prawn Tikka Biryani £11.95
King prawns cooked & mixed with spices & rice, served with sauce


Tandoori Roti £1.50
Tawa Roti £1.50
Thin chapatti cooked on iron plate
Methi Wali Roti £2.80
Makki Di Roti £2.80
Tandoori Naan £1.60
Keema Naan £2.50
Garlic Naan £2.50
Kulcha Naan £2.50
Peshwari Naan £2.50
Chilli Naan £2.50
Stuffed Paratha £2.50
Plain Paratha £2.20
Paneer Paratha £2.80
Chilli Paratha £2.50


Pilau Rice £1.95
Boiled Rice £1.60
Mutter Rice £2.50
Mushroom Rice £2.80
Special Egg Fried Rice £2.95
Vegetable Rice £2.95
Jeera Rice £2.50


Masala 910 Papad £1.50
Plain £0.50
Spice £0.50
Boondi Wala Raita £2.50
Plain Raita £2.00
Cucumber & Tomato Raita £2.50
Bhaley £2.95
Punjabi Salad £3.50
Mixed Green Salad £2.50
Onion & Chilli Salad £1.00
Chutney Mango £0.50


1.5L £2.50
Diet Coca-Cola
1.5L £2.50
1.5L £2.50

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