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Nori Sushi

Nori Sushi

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 Japanese, Sushi

 268 Poyser Street, E2 9RF

 Operation Day : Friday

Closed : Opens at 6:00 PM (2019-02-22 07:04:15)

Free delivery over £13, not available below £13

A choice of 
FREE Miso or Small Edamame with every order of the following sushi boxes:

Salmon Premier Box

Nori Premier Box

FREE Miso with every order of any Nori meeting/party box

Fancy something different? Nori Sushi also offers another menu from these premises under the name of Bombay Spices

Hot Food

Vegetarian Miso Soup £1.95
With wakame, tofu & spring onion
Salmon Teriyaki £6.99
With sticky rice & Japanese pickle
Nori Japanese Chicken Curry £5.99
Chicken, carrots, onions, Nori golden sauce with sticky rice
Nori Japanese Vegetable Curry £4.99
Potatoes, carrots, onions, muki beans & Nori golden sauce with sticky rice
Udon Noodles with Nori Power Broth
With seasonal fresh crunchy vegetables & one of the following choices
Chicken £4.99
Chicken Dumplings £5.99
Prawn Dumplings £6.99
Prawns £6.25
Salmon Teriyaki £6.99
Vegetarian Dumplings (V) £4.99
Warm Edamame Beans £2.99
Salt, spicy
Sticky Rice £1.95
Prawn Katsu Curry £6.40
Miso Salmon £7.10
Goza (4 Pieces) £4.99
Chicken, prawn & veg with coriander sauce & spicy mayo
Tempura Prawn £6.99
With plain rice, salad on the top
Grill Salmon £7.99
With plain rice, teriyaki sauce & salad on the top
Chicken Teriyaki £6.40
Salmon Curry £8.00
Chicken Katsu Curry £6.40

Sushi Boxes

Each box comes with soy, wasabi, ginger & chopsticks

Salmon Box £7.99
Salmon & avocado maki, salmon, nigiri & Nori pickles
Salmon Premier
FREE MISO OR SMALL EDAMAME Salmon & avocado maki, salmon sushi, salmon sashimi & Nori pickles
Edamame £9.99
Miso £9.99
Nori Premier
Edamame £9.99
Miso £9.99
Salmon & Tuna £7.99
Salmon & tuna nigiri, salmon maki & spicy tuna maki
Sashimi Premier
FREE MISO OR SMALL EDAMAME Salmon & tuna sashimi, Nori pickles
Edamame £9.99
Miso £9.99
Maki Selection £5.99
Spicy tuna, crab California, salmon & avocado
Vegetable Maki Selection £4.50
Asparagus & avocado, cucumber & beancurd


ISO Special (4 Pieces)

Grilled Salion Skin ISO £5.40
Spring onion, sweet chilli & mayo
Spicy Salmon ISO £6.40
Spring onion, aracado to topped with spicy?
Spicy Tuna ISO £6.60
Spring onion, cucumber & Chinese chives on the top
Tiger Prawn Tempura ISO £6.20
Spring onion & sweet chilli
California ISO £6.00
Crab stick & mayo

Salad Boxes

Seared Salmon & Tuna Sashimi Salad £7.99
Sesame seared salmon, sashimi & tuna, sashimi glass noodles, moro salad mixed, seaweed, Japanese pickle, ginger & Japanese dressing
Spinach, Beancurd & Sticky Rice Parcels £5.50
Spinach, beancurd inari with yuzi sesame dressing
Salmon Tuna Tartare £5.99
Salmon & tuna, spring onions, daikon, yazu with wasabi dressing
Spicy Salmon Salad £6.99
With muki beans, salad & rice with spicy sauce


Nori Wraps

Salmon Teriyaki Wrap £4.99
Mixed fresh salad, salmon teriyaki & pomegranate with Nori homemade sauce
Duck Hosin Wrap £4.99
Mixed fresh salad, hoisin duck, cucumber & pomegranate
Chicken Teriyaki Wrap £4.99
Mixed fresh salad, avocado, chicken teriyaki, sesame seeds & pomegranate with Nori homemade sauce

Party Packs

Meeting / Party Boxes (Boxed feed 3 / 4 people) Each box comes with 3 FREE Miso, soy, wasabi, ginger. A large portion of edamame beans & chopsticks

Nori`s Vegetarian Party Box £22.99
20 pieces. A selection of spinach & beancurd inari rice parcels, asparagus & avocado maki rolls, cucumber maki rolls, beancurd & cucumber maki rolls
Nori`s Sushi Party Box £30.99
25 pieces. A selection of salmon nigiri, tuna nigiri, sweet prawn sushi & inari sushi (marinated beancurd parcels)
Nori`s Maki Party Box £29.99
25 pieces. A selection of asparagus & avocado maki, cucumber maki, beancurd & cucumber maki, salmon & avocado maki, spicy tuna maki, crab & avocado maki
Nori`s Sashimi Party Box £32.99
25 pieces. A selection of salmon sashimi, tuna sashimi seared spicy tuna sashimi & oba leaf
Nori`s Hall of Fame £29.99
30 pieces. A selection of salmon & tuna sashimi, crab & avocado maki, salmon & tuna sashimi, spicy tuna maki, asparagus & avocado maki


2 pieces except for avocado & spicy tuna nigiri

Inari Sushi £2.50
Marinated beancurd parcels
Salmon £3.25
Sweet Prawn £3.95
Tuna £3.95
Unagi (Eel) £3.95


4 pieces

Salmon £4.95
Seared Salmon £4.95
Seared Spicy Tuna £5.95
Tuna £5.95


4 pieces

Asparagus & Avocado (V) £3.50
Beancurd & Cucumber (V) £3.50
Crab & Avocado £4.99
Cucumber (V) £3.50
Salmon & Avocado £3.99
Spicy Tuna £3.99


Dragon Special & Maki Special

Dragon Roll
Salmon £6.50
Tuna £7.50
Veg £5.50
Maki Special
Avocado £3.30
Chicken Katso £3.50
Crab Stick £3.50
Ebi Prawn £3.50
Mix Veg £3.50
Prawn Katsu £3.50
Spicy Salmon £3.80
Tamago £3.50

Hand Rolls

1 hand roll

Unagi Teriyaki Eel Hand Roll £3.95
Salmon & Avocado Hand Roll £3.50
With wasabi mayo
Tuna & Cucumber Hand Roll £3.95
With wasabi mayo
Crab & Avocado Hand Roll £3.95
With wasabi mayo
Avocado, Beancurd & Cucumber £3.95
With wasabi mayo

Crystal Roll

Rice paper wraps

Vegetable & Beancurd Crystal Roll £4.25
With beancurd, carrot, beetroot, pickled ginger, avocado & spicy mayo sauce
Hoisin Duck Crystal Roll £4.50
With duck, cucumber, spring onions & daikon served with hoisin sauce
Chicken Cajun Crystal Roll £4.50
With marinated Cajun chicken, mung bean glass noodles, fresh mint, baby leaf & Nori cajun sauce
Salmon Crystal Roll £4.50
With salmon, carrot, beetroot, pickled ginger, avocado & spicy mayo
Sweet Prawn Crystal Roll £4.50
With sweet prawn, carrot, beetroot, pickled ginger, avocado & spicy mayo
Crab Crystal Roll £4.99
With crabmeat, carrot, avocado, cucumber, served with coriander dressing


Edamame Beans £1.50
Nori Side Salad £1.95
Tenderstem Broccoli £3.80
With yuzi sesame dressing


Nori Vanilla Cheesecake £2.95
Fresh Seasonal Fruit Salad £2.45


0.33L £1.00
1.5L £2.25
Diet Coke
0.33L £1.00
1.5L £2.25
7-up £2.25
Evian Water £1.00
Sparkling Water £1.00
Still Water Fiji £2.00
Coco Coconut Water £2.00

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